Thanks to Great Expectations

This is just a quick shout out to the Great Expectations Team (Superconductive Health). I happened to use their library to do some testing a few years ago, as I was part of the “Quality Specialists” team at Otto. Fun days, fun activity.

Basically, I had a bunch of relatively big data files that needed explorative control for issues. I decided to use Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas and Great Expectations for the explorative parts, and just replaced Jupyter Notebooks with pytest for semi-automated verification when doing retests. I remeber work with Great Expectations to be very nice, and even recommended to keep working with it to my replacement colleague (he’s an all-around great guy, very quick learner!) as I switched teams. During the work I submitted a tiny pull request, since I noticed a formatting issue in their documentation.

In response to this, one Kyle Eaton reached out to me recently, to inform me that they’re installing new contribution agreements in place, and wanted to thank all contributors to date with small gift. BTW: it’s amazing how easy GitHub makes it to contribute such small changes to third-party repositories.

Behold, my newest piece of swag. Thanks Kyle!

Great Expectations Mug

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