New Way to Search Testing Terms

The why

I’ve been writing an article about test automation, and wanted to just explain some basic terms. I thought — well, ISTQB has a glossary on their page, I’ll link there. As it turns out, the glossary is horribly and unnecessarily complicated page to use, and it took me good couple minutes to locate a hidden link that leads to a specific term’s permalink.

The what

So I decided to try to do better than that, scraped their search results and published it on a statically generated site here: (disclaimer: at the moment I don’t claim any content on the page, all the terms point to ISTQB Glossary as their canonical links)

As such, it would be enough for my needs, but then I thought that it would be a nice place to help people just starting out with software testing and looking to investigate some terms. This is where you, my dear fellow testers come in. I’d like you to see if there are any valuable community links, videos, maybe even in-depth courses that should be linked from specific terms’ pages?

The way forward

My idea is this: a newcomer asks himself “what on earth is combinatorial testing all about?”. He stumbles upon that specific page, and apart from the official definition, link to source, he also has a body of knowledge: curated articles written by experts, examples, a short explainer video, and such. So that he/she is not stuck with raw and empty, sometimes meaningless definition, but can actually get familiar with the subject. I ask you for your contribution!

At the bottom of every page, there’s a suggestion box. I welcome all! And if you own a page, and would like to link to the glossary page, that would be a welcome addition too!


The site is currently not monetized, but it may happen in the future, that there will be an adsense box somewhere, and maybe, if some of the valuable content you recommend is available as affiliate products, that I’ll use those as well to help pay for the domain.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

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