Fix File Encoding Using Go

This is just a short entry on how to fix file encodings using Go. The reason for it is the following: I currently develop a small test automation augmentation for my customer, and it utilizes a third-party tool. For variuous reasons this third-party tool needs to touch the test data files, and in doing so, it completely garbles those files. After analysis, it turned out, that the files are read in as UTF-8, but interpreted as Windows1252, yet written out again as UTF-8.

On working with code examples

I have been busy the whole January with a development task for one of my customers. We had settled on delivering the solution with Go, even though my experience with this programming language had been very limited. Decision had been based on of the quality aspects, that is - maintainability. My customer works daily with Go, and very sporadically with other languages. Had I delivered solution in Python, for example, it would be easy for me to deliver, but difficult for them to keep effectively working with the solution afterwards, should our relationship head south at any point in time.